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For the Commodore 64 and emulators like VICE v3.x+:

Enigmatic, challenging dystopian fantasy adventure where you must not bust your bubbles. With lite puzzle elements and shoot'em up action. Control a squeaky bubble through a labyrinth of dimensional terror and cosmic intrigue.

reference card:

With stunning soundtrack title music by sensational soundsmith Richard Bayliss. And game design by maverick mason Mo Dernart.


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Zilspleef_C64.zip 2 MB
Zilspleef_playorbit_2018_cover.png 1 MB
Zilspleef_playorbit_2018_cover-tapeage.png 390 kB
Zilspleef_playorbit_2018_refcard.png 191 kB


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this looks like a lot of fun. 

Is it ntsc compatible? 

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Hi, it was mastered by Richard B/TND in UK, and the game designed in PAL fps. You might have to copy and test to see any fps differences on your machine (I am guessing it will run, but I am not an expert here on the fine details).

It does load in VICE NTSC yet with the default fps options, runs but that extra 10fps (fast). The other natural options that I suspect would suffice in cases of issues loading up on a C64 mini or Raspberry Pi/VICE in PAL mode or there always VICE itself on typical computers.

Please feel free to of course grab the d64 (I imagine the tape version is definitely a no-go) and copy to disk and try on your machine, etc and test. And if you find issues, timing, etc, please drop a comment and let me know. I would appreciate it and if there are issues, perhaps I could plan and bundle and make or output the game in an alternate NTSC version.. I suppose that is another option I could do or try. Sorry, I could not give a better answer, but I haven't had the opportunity to try NTSC otherwise.

PS. If you do play it, and need game-play help at least, I may be able to provide tips or clues in riddle form :)

Thanks for the interest.

- Mo

Thanks so much! I'll try it and get back to you when I know more.